Pedirka Desert

StateSouth Australia
RegionFar North
Area1,250 km2 (483 sq mi)
IBRA 6.1 Pedirka Desert.png
The IBRA regions, with Pedirka Desert in red

The Pedirka Desert is a small Australian desert, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-west of Oodnadatta and 250 kilometres (160 mi) north-east of Coober Pedy in South Australia. Mount Deane and Witjira National Park are just to the north.

The desert is relatively small, occupying about 1,250 square kilometres (480 sq mi).

Pedirka Desert belongs to the Finke bioregion. The sands are deep-red and it is vegetated by dense mulga woodlands. Dunes in the desert are low, eroded, widely spaced and positioned parallel to each other.

Although the land is not over-appealing to pastoralists, it is progressively being developed.

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